Building a cast iron radiator.

Builbing a Cast Iron Radiator

A question we are often asked at Pendragon Radiators, is ‘why does it take so long to make a cast iron radiator?’.

The answer quite simply is that all the radiators we supply are assembled from scratch and built to bespoke requirements for each individual customer.

Firstly, once a customer has ordered their radiators, we often have to source the paint colour requested. A selection of popular off the shelf colours are usually readily available, but when a customer wants a colour match, it can take a few days to order the paints in which are specially mixed to the customers specifications. The radiator sections are then mounted on racks and sprayed before being left out to dry naturally. The spraying process is repeated, allowing to dry fully between each application.

The radiators are then sent off to the assembly line to be built to the sizes requested. This is a manual time intensive process which can take a couple of days for large orders, especially when oversized radiators have been requested due to the weight when moving them around.

Testing a Cast Iron Radiator

The next stage is a pressure test to 8 bar. The radiators are pressurized and left to stand for at least 24hrs. Not all radiators pass the pressure test 1st time. The pressure test is well above any operating pressures the radiators will be under once installed which is usually about 1.5 – 2bar. If a radiator fails the pressure test, it is taken apart and rebuilt before being retested. There can be several reasons for failing the pressure test such as the cast iron radiator can split at a join, have a hairline fracture or a faulty washer joint.

Once the radiator has been tested, it simply goes through a final quality control area. The cast iron radiator is checked all over for marks or scratches and is oversprayed a final time before despatch.

As you may now appreciate, building a bespoke traditional Victorian period cast iron radiator is both time and labour intensive.

Pendragon also supply radiator wall brackets, fixings and radiator valves.


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