Verona Cast Iron Radiators

The Verona cast iron radiator was originally manufactured in Massachusetts, USA by the ‘American Radiator Company’ around 1890. The design incorporates cherubs, dragons and lions.

Verona traditional period Victorian cast iron radiator

The Verona cast iron radiator is available in a range of painted colours or polished finishes.

Cast iron radiators became popular during the late Victorian period and were decorated with elaborate intricate designs, many with symbolism incorporated such as the Verona radiator. The design of the Verona is taken from French fashions of the day which were highly popular due to the Paris Exposition of 1889, using styles of art from Monet and Renoir incorporated into the foliate design.

Dragon detail on the Cheurub cast iron radiator

Cherub Victorian cast iron radiator showing dragon detail on foot

The radiator is adorned at the top with cherubs faces peering out from a scrolled foliate design which drapes down either side of the radiator leg. Rising from the foot are further foliate scrolls but this time with a dragon breathing fire. Emblazoned in the centre is a vine motif with a rampant line on its hind quarters.

Verona cast iron radiator detail

Cherub detail on Verona cast iron radiator

The symbols aren’t just added for pure decorative effect, they are there to serve a purpose. The dragons represent the evil in western mythology whereas the cherubs symbolise innocence and love. The lion is a symbol of power and wealth.

Verona cast iron radiator - lion detail

Verona Victorian cast iron radiator showing lion decoration on side

All of our radiators are built to bespoke sizes and colour finishes. A minimum of three sections are required up to a maximum of 20 sections. They can be built larger but it’s not recommended as the radiators are extremely heavy and take more than 6 people to lift into position.



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