Pendragon Fireplaces

At Pendragon Fireplaces we have a beautiful array of traditional style cast iron fireplaces available to buy online at competitive prices. We supply a range of fires to cover Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods in various styles such as regency, gothic, Victorian, art nouveau and art deco. Our fireplaces have decorative designs influenced by many renowned designers of the day such as William Morris and William de Morgan.

All of the cast iron fireplaces we supply are complete with a cast iron back panel, so the fires arrive as a complete unit without the need to source extra parts. We can also supply an ash pan for solid fuel use or a gas insert, but of course they can simply be fitted for decorative use such as in bedrooms.

The bedroom cast iron fireplaces tend to be much smaller than the fires fitted in the main rooms in the home. The living and dining room fireplaces tended to be much larger and the designs reflected the decor of the day. The mid-Victorian gothic influences were very decorative¬† whereas by the end of the 1800s, fashions had changed and tiled fireplaces were popular with colourful decorative panels. By the Edwardian era, ‘Art Nouveau’ was all the rage, with feminine forms and stylised flower motifs adorning fireplaces across the fireplace frieze and down the legs in organic forms and flowing lines. Larger fireplace were made as separate pieces. The bedroom fireplaces tended to be cast as one piece as they were smaller, but the larger fireplaces needed to be made separately with a cast iron insert and surround that would fit over the top. The surrounds were difficult to cast in large sizes so other materials were used such as wooden surrounds, marble, slate or stone.

To go with your Victorian cast iron fireplace, you may also need a fireplace hearth. Traditionally these would have been made in slate or quarry tiled, but in today’s home, convenience comes first so we supply a range of polished granite hearths in black with a reflective finish. This gives a good solid clean look without the need for maintenance (apart from a little light dusting), unlike the Victorian slate which requires a regular rub with a slate oil to give a black sheen, otherwise the slate looks grey and dusty. We therefore supply a range of fireplace cleaning and maintenance products from ‘Hotspot‘ and ‘Calfire’ such as stove and grate paints and slate oil.

During the Georgian era, fire baskets were often used to burn wood. Towards the Victorian period, fireplaces had moved on and the fire grate became much smaller as people were burning coal. It wasn’t until the late Victorian era that gas fires started becoming popular as they were much cleaner than burning solid fuels. However in todays economic climate, gas prices have soared and so solid fuels are making a huge comeback with the revival of wood burning stoves.

Wood burning or multifuel stoves are a cheap way of heating the home as wood is a sustainable fuel, unlike gas and coals which will eventually run out. The beauty of the stove is that it can burn cleanly, giving off virtually no contaminants into the atmosphere. These are called ‘clean burn’ stoves which have been approved by ‘Defra’. Pendragon supply a range of enamel coloured Carron stoves in various sizes which are all ‘Defra approved’.

To complement your fireplace whether it is for decorative purposes or functional, Pendragon Fireplaces can supply a range of fireplace tools, known as companion sets. The fireside tools are available in a huge range of colours, sizes and styles with the brass finish being ever popular to contrast the matt black of the fireplace. You may then require a log basket for which we supply a broad range in our fireside accessories category.

We now have our Victorian cast iron fireplaces and Carron stoves available to buy online using our new improved Victorian cast iron fireplaces web shop.


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